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+61429814150 / 0429814150 is a mobile phone number from Telstra AU. Users have left 7 comments. Read our tips and find who called you.

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National format 0429 814 150 Search
Alternative international format 0061429814150 Search
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Comments (7) Rating - Neutral 4/10
2020-08-02 / Jason pearce / Negative
F**k these people. No clue how to talk to people. So rude. Get rid of Mel and Carmelina she's a rude fat ugly cow. Get a life and find people jobs. She looks like a f*****g bulldog. No clue how to help people. Close this s**t whole down permanently. I can't stand them. As for Paulina the counselor, she's so nosy. Million stupid questions. She's ugly too. Who would these b*****s.
2020-05-22 / Michelle blake / Negative
Sarina Russo is a s**t company. They don't find jobs and send stupid messages. They don't care and say we are here to support you but don't. There bloody s**t. All talk and no action. Useless.
2019-03-26 / L / Negative
Sarina Russo sending some stupid "OMG APPLY FOR THIS JOB!!!" text. Get lost
Not spam. Just an employee of Sarino Russo employment agency doing checkups.

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