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Comments (30) Rating - Negative 0/10
2019-05-27 / Taz / Negative
Spam block this one.
2019-05-26 / Negative
Someone just called me on this number. He said he is from the head office of NAB and call me for better interest rates. I told him that a lots of spam calls now, how can I know that you called from NAB and he hanged up.
2019-05-14 / Megan / Negative
Supposedly the NAB but they keep calling and then when I answered the guy wanted to check that my accounts were all set up, direct debit etc and asked about my internet banking. Don't answer these, even if NAB comes up on phone when they ring, it can be a company in India registered in the name of the NAB. Its unusual they would call for these details.
2019-01-09 / Negative
Has called twice both times leaves no message and I have never had any follow up from NAB either. Doubt it is genuine as bank has other contacts available in any case including messaging in internet banking!

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