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Comments (4) Rating - Neutral 5/10
Annoying company just keep calling using different phone numbers and some of them only 1 or 2 numbers difference
possible fake debt collectors, keeps switching numbers around, do not call back, speak to your provider or private your number/change number so that they cant reach you again
2019-05-15 / anonymous
0399668070 0399668066 AND 0399668059 I have been calls from these idiots for about 3+ years could even be longer over a Telstra account. I have never had a Telstra account have argued with them for all this time not they have changed the number to the above number and it actually came up on my phone as a Potential fraud. They won't give up because I have argued with them they sent me letter about going to court and I told them I would see them there and that I would counter sue them for Harassment phone calls stopped for a while and now have started back up again over the last 2 weeks.
CLH Group......Stupid idiots use the same first 4 numbers and change the last 4.....like we aren't going to know Just keep reporting them here for all of us who have been harassed

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