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+61861022031 / In perth
Same here. I want back immediately but the CA did not connect. Tried calling again 5minutes later but still not connecting
+61391336513 / Peter / Negative
Received three calls when answered no one there, rang back no answer. Received fourth call and they asked if i was the owner of and named a business I used to have. When i said no they hung up. Indian voice hard to understand and as I understand most nuisance calls originate from overseas.
+611300736476 / alice bird
i want to know if this number is legitimate. i have received endless unknown number calls recently and now a letter stating this is baycorp and requesting a call back, but i checked their website and this number does not match.... i would like to know if this is spam and to get some support please
+61390060174 / Kate / Negative
Keeps randomly trying to call every few months. After looking it up on here it's obviously a scammer. Have now blocked the number.
+61380018022 / Michele Hex / Negative
Energy telemarketers. Told them I wasn't interested. They tried calling back 4 more times, anyway, and have clearly tried me before.
The caller was very quiet with difficult-to-understand english.
+61395619822 / Tony / Negative
Received call saying from Telstra internet going to be disconnected in 2 weeks - asked for details of number to call back 02 8006 2657. When I asked the name on my account, they couldn’t answer & hung up on me. Definite scam
+61736087996 / D / Negative
Receiving calls every day. No known to me. Nuisance sales call.
+61862144386 / John
Lady called Trish left a message asking me to call back but she did not provide any other info
+61881555944 / Disclosed
Stated this number was Pioneer Solar
+61290539411 / Ignore / Negative
They ring but cut off once I answer. If I ring back it doesn’t go threw. Definitely shady.