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+61364050332 / Norman Weeks
Garry Weeks 373 Wesley Vale Road Tasmania is a child molester
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (2005) Personal Safety Survey, of all those who reported having been victimised sexually before the age of 15 years, 11.1 percent were victimised by a stranger. More commonly, child sexual abuse was perpetrated by a male relative (other than the victim’s father or stepfather; 30.2%), a family friend (16.3%), an acquaintance or neighbour (15.6%), another known person (15.3%), or the father or stepfather (13.5%; see Figure 1). It should be noted that these totals add to more than 100 percent (103.7%); this indicates that a small proportion of child sexual abuse victims (3.7%) were abused by perpetrators belonging to more than one category.
+61439307338 / Greg
To the previous posters. You got a reminder saying it's from Energy Australia because you are an Energy Australia customer. The reminder is legit albeit annoying. It's not a scam but worth blocking if you are grown up enough to keep track of your bills.
+61414990210 / T / Negative
Sent sexually explicit messages and adult site to young girl. Left her voice message which was vulgar and threatening. Blocked number n reported to police
+61391125778 / Rosa Di Noto / Negative
Criminals that plan and set up pre-meditated murders and make it look like suicidal’s. Criminals that give massive cash payouts to police offices along too others to cover up and close off the crime cases quickly so they can collect the deceased financial heritage. They target families that have massive financial Inheritance, they kill everyone-one by one then start collecting their money and keeping it for themselves. All the victims a attacked and killed the same way: In the middle of nowhere, smashed up on the left side of their skull, facial and upper body, left side only from a baseball bat. Leaving each victims to suffer a heart attack or stroke. These criminals a running financial schemes along with their drug dealing and trafficking.

They’re linked with the Brunswick Muslim Italian/Turkish mafia gang to NSW Griffith Italian/Indian mafia gang. Live by the sword die, die by the sword is their motto. They run a drug business. Smuggling cocaine marijuana ecstasy pills inside wine bottles/distributing them around vineyard and winery farms Bendigo Shepparton Ballarat through to Canberra Batemans Bay Griffith Wagga Wagga.

The 88 year old man that’s Turkish Lebanese of this loser mob has serious Mental health issues and something not right in his brain! Probably depression schizophrenia bipolar maybe all of them. All the innocent victims, lives and families you have destroyed from their jealousy, greed and hunger for money.. Go and get a f*****g real job and earn the things you want in life and stop stealing, killing people for your greediness of money. Seriously you’re a fucked up twisted halal c**t and everything that comes your way, you deserve it. It’s so sad to see how low you’re willing to go for the sake of a dollar!
+61730356428 / Anonymous / Negative
This number belongs to QLD Government Statists Office who behave, well like QLD Government does, that is unprofessional, dodgy and incompetent. My partner got a letter stating that he will be contacted by one of them to conduct research in regards to attitudes towards relationships in QLD. They kept calling him over days including weekends but he was working. Eventually he picked up, they were not intrested in speaking to him at all, they questioned him about me and requested that they want to speak to me (I did not receive any letters like he did). Eventually they called again when he was home and he passed the phone to me, I questioned what this research is about but the woman was pushy, passive aggressive and made an assumption that becouse she is so important to work for QLD Government I will just jump in joy to participate, she did not ask me if I am ok with it, did not provide any infornation about how the data will be used, she wanted to know where I live and asked other personal questions. She was also very manipulative when I raised my concerns about this whole thing. I literally had to rise my voice to get her off the phone with me and made her understand that we do not welcome any more calls from them and consider it to be a harrasment. QLD Government is way over their heads if they think that people trust or respect them. Dodgy, overconfident filth. You want yo know about attitudes towards relationships in QLD??? How about you move your fat bureaucratic lazy arses and look at the data you already have - at least one woman is murdered per week by an intimate partner and your police, magistrates and child protection bodies keep doing nothing about it, minimising and shaming the victims the good conservative patririarhal way.
+61895349251 / KATHRYN / Negative
When I answered nobody said anything.
+61731869935 / Paul / Negative
I tried to ring back the number after they hung up and was told it was a disconnected number
+61399167373 / sam / Negative
spam callers and very annoying. Keep pestering all the time, bunch of thugs
+61390938207 / Unknown / Negative
The number is money3 company
+61391147121 / Joshua
Milton Graham - Debt Collectors. not a scam but just dont pick up lol