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+61414976673 / Monica / Negative


I've also reported them to the police but we need a lawyer to because it's a civil dispute case.
+61384145666 / Jen / Negative
Just received a call from this number 8414 5666, same as ^Jake heard above, sounds like a busy office background then caller hangs up. Bloomin’ idjits 🙄
+61393648996 / Guy
It's a company called Supagas - gas bottle supplier
+61422800902 / Anonymous
Know him too
+61427595964 / Tanya / Negative
Uber code: 0806. If this wasn’t you Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Scam blocked
+61488824511 / R / Negative
Debt collectors
+61410997044 / Krystle Beth / Negative
Someone called Max
TPG Technician
+61409383308 / Sally / Negative
Same for me by the looks of it! Think they got my number from gumtree. They called, I answered, couldn’t hear anything, then they hung up and texted:
“Sorry I didn't mean to call x” and
“You don't have my new number do you”
Then they said “which girl do you know with the best a**”

It’s just annoying. How pathetic their life must be for them to spend their time that way.
+61285410486 / Mark
no answer