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+61291572706 / dfsiqc
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I start getting calls from this number and others since I moved to telstra, and I read about people who been scamed as well through telstra, I assume there has been telstra system hack, telstra is worse these days, I will give a call to telstra about it
+61404600443 / Ex-friend.
GREGORY IAN POOLE EX DPI NSW, mentally ill person who blackmails friends, beware of this twisted sick individual.
+61280061357 / Sally / Negative
This it the ones pretending to be from Telstra internet. Persons with Indian accent called many times to threaten to cut internet off within 24 hours or let you go to the computer to do as his instructions to make changes over the last two months. i had to hang up, he insisted to let me call him back on this no. 0280061357 pretending from Telstra technician, i guess it is scam.?
+61280970748 / Tony
NoID, didn’t answer. Caller left no voicemail. Attempted to call back, recorded response explaining that the line was engaged.
+61286515709 / Private / Negative
This ed guy called me but addressed me by the correct first name but my mother's maiden name, first red flag for me.
Then asked for my husbands contact details
Wouldn't give me any information as to what it is regarding but believe he has got my number from online as I run a small business so my number is easy to come by.
+61478265651 / Tiarna / Negative
Received a call from this number, when I answered they just hung up.
I am with Latitude Finance and have not heard anything from the usual people that I deal with. From what I have read online, definitely seems like a scam.
+61243024823 / Max / Negative
credit corp
+61731446302 / Jenny Cross
I receive calls almost every day from numbers starting with 0731446302/6373/6349. I do not answer the calls they go to answering machine and no messages are left. This has been going on for months, at around the same time of day. It’s obviously a number generator making the calls and disconnecting when the answer machine is detected. These calls can be classified as malicious and are a form of harassment. I am investigating if the practice is illegal.
+61282136700 / Me / Negative
Seems like a scam. Be careful answering this number!