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+61436192843 / Emily / Positive
порно мамки
+61449600700 / Craig
Text message: Unable to deliver your package, click on included link.
+61420040747 / Malcolm
Recorded message. I hung up immediately.
+61280915859 / Unknown
Optus telemarketing
+61427622590 / Scambuster
Scam text saying can't deliver a package and asking me to click on a link.
+61291889389 / Unknown
Leave me alone
+61421149808 / Unknown
some message about not being able to deliver a parcel . 0.1 for originality. clearly a scam
+61385183237 / Unknown
They keep ringing me and I've said I'm not interested they don't give up.
+61737333797 / Belle
Didn’t answer this number.
+61296622510 / Unknown
Automated scan call claiming to be from EBAY to inform me that a few hundred dollars will shortly be debited from my account due to some imaginary purchase (I didn't make a purchase on ebay)... Total scam. Blocked the number. It Invited me to press numbers.. DONT. JUST HANG UP AND BLOCK. Damn I wish these jerks would just curl up and die.