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+61390216851 / Unknown
SurveyThe phone number belongs to the office of Josh Frydenberg, why the Liberal party can get your phone numbers from the electoral roll.
+61343444335 / Cooper
Scam / SpamJust called me three times to try and scam me. Asked for an ABN and he said he was a connecting call. My guess is to try scam.
+61390216851 / Unknown
SurveyIt’s josh frydenberg!
+61477731262 / Anymous
Scam / SpamPlease confirm your details for shipment today, otherwise your parcel will be returned to the retailer:
+61482164566 / Unknown
Just received same call!
+61390135181 / Unknown
Scam / SpamCalled this number.

Idiot, asked for my name


Ok got your file in front of me.

Long story short.

Said he was.
+61737418953 / Unknown
Scam / SpamRing and then hang up
+61343444335 / Unknown
Scam / SpamElectricity scam
+61343444335 / Unknown
Scam / SpamDisturbing
+61290661887 / Unknown
Scam / SpamScammer using a spoof phone number