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+61422004681 / Anonymous / Negative
Block this number. Nuisance caller. Claim to be cancer charity but asked for personal details. Called several times a day from 8am to late at night
+61434007402 / Lisa
It was an American phone number they were from the Tax Department (was American recording) said I had outstanding tax payments and someone was going to arrest me.
+61435478490 / Kim / Negative
Criminal money scammers Indian curry c***s.
+61296505988 / Ray / Negative
Criminal Internet teenager money scammer who lives in Bacchus Marsh
You are a stupid little tart!
+61295606811 / Frankco / Negative
Criminal mafia drug dealers in NSW
+61283116800 / Jessica / Negative
This business is awful - not a service I will use ever again. Felt so unsafe in this property after not being able to collect keys nearby or easily. Left the property after hours of painful communications.
+61864008000 / Jack / Positive
It is Bunnings Wangara.
+61498669893 / maree / Negative
Tony Luff aka Anthony Thomas Luff aka Tom Morrisey up to his old tricks again. Says he is purchasing my horse but no funds forthcoming. Always an excuse. Me and now my friend.
+61734702800 / Mel / Negative
I got a missed call from this number with at 6.45pm. She has a strong Indian accent and talked very fast. She said she is from Suncorp asking me to call back and give me a case ID. I dont have any plolicy with Suncorp. I barely drive. I didnt have any claims in the past 2 years.
+61391336513 / pete / Negative
wouldn't answer a return call likely scam