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+61872000751 / Anonymous / Negative
Scammers - Number routes to an off shore call center claiming to be AMAZON, but isn't...
+61282947452 / Tavi / Negative
Called at 1 am. I think scam
+61894535803 / jim
it is Kogans delivery number. driver is good at his job
+61468459043 / Unknown
Called a few times, ask any interest financial planning service? How did they get my numbers?
+61423801009 / Fey
Received text msg saying my payment for lenovo laptop was successful. $1989.00!!
+61423801009 / Scam
I got one from a 0422914072 which had a similar message of “ Payment AU$2099.99 for [Dell intel core i9 Touch Laptop] Successful, AMA_Z0N#77414161FX5. Helpline +61 1800 549 861 For dispute.” when I’ve made no purchase myself and nothing is on my banking transaction history to suggest that a payment has occurred.
This number (+61 1800 549 861) is included in a text message from +61 434 017 109 which says, Payment A$2299.00 for [Canon EOS R6-HD Camera] successful, AMA_ZON#56011716746. Help-line (+61) 1800 549 861 If any dispute
Scam number telling you to pay $2099.99 for Dell intel core i9 Touch Latop. I have never owned this computer before. Do not click the link or contact the helpline as it has been reported for a hazard level of 96%.
+61488817309 / Des
0488 817 309 Rings but no message when rang back auto message number disconnected. Very annoying
+61874777952 / Art Vanderley
Unrecognised number that rings repeatedly.