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+61386139355 / Caz / Negative
I've recently changed from agl as my electricity provider so I'm assuming that this number that has been ringing me is also agl trying to get me back as their customer.
+61385318333 / Kim / Negative
They ring and don’t leave a message why would I ring you back don’t know you quit ringing dodgy
+61285979218 / Private / Negative
Called and hang up
+61399411400 / Marnie / Negative
They said it was ambulance Victoria trying to confirm my details as mail was returned to them. I didn't give them any details as I had to answer security questions first. I said how did I know it was them. I said I had private health insurance that covered me for ambulance cover. They said call back if I cancel that and want to confirm new details. I called back 5 minutes later and Telstra says the number is disconnected. Very suspicious
+61488862088 / The Muso's Group / Negative
Got a call from the above number saying I owe money to AGL (witch is a lie) as I've never been or dealt with them, also being really rude and abusive about the matter
+61418377592 / Anonymous / Negative
Received a tex saying Routine inspectin next Monday 23/7/18 9:30-11:30am, entry notice has been posted. Regards Harcourts Arundel.
+61395632017 / Fran / Positive
This is Clarins Myer @ Chaddy
+61745250211 / Keltic
AGL - Brymaroo QLD
Not sales
It’s getting hold of the account holder in regards to payment being overdue, due, or close to disconnecting
+61284480335 / REViXiSSE / Negative
Telstra Support Team Member:

If you are receiving more than 2-3 calls over the course of a few days then it is likely that the dialling program that our partners, like TSA, use to contact customers has developed a fault with regards to your number. I can assure you that this is not intentional and if you contact us on 13 22 00 we can get this investigated. Additionally, you can contact TSA directly to report this

+61733197549 / Didi / Negative
I answered a call from 07 3319 7549, nothing said but hang on to the phone. So I hung up