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+61280068679 / Brooke / Negative
Had an email last week advising me of was pre approved for a loan of up to $12000 without sighting any financials. Thought it was dodgy and called them out on it and never heard anything back then tonight received a call saying again I had been pre approved of $12000 and check for an email from finance Australia pty ltd . Strangely looked identical to previous offer but different business name. Sent abusive email back to him telling him I know it is a scam and I'm not f'ing stupid and have heard nothing back surprise surprise. Do not deal with this assumed company or another that apparently offers same deal based in Adelaide
+61240675949 / Unknown
I keep receiving calls today from (02) 40675949 with pre recording
+61283168707 / Jay
Have received daily calls from this number over the past week as late as 8pm. They never leave a message and when calling back, it’s always engaged. Unsure what the purpose of the call is
+61283173191 / Unknown
Some telemarketer scam about investments
+61481233674 / Unknown
called advising some advertising was ready for publication.???? I never engaged these people for advertising. Got quite aggressive when I rejected his claims.....prick
+61423986003 / Unknown
Its from a telemarketing company smart switch asking you to switch health insurance
+61280033903 / Unknown
Got a call, saying they are calling from Aussieland.
+61862053651 / Unknown
Scam call. Had a missed call with no message, when calling back a lady answered asking about a car accident I had in the last 12 months.
Scammer - calls and hangs up. Similar number to another caller who called and hung up.
+61433593308 / Unknown