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+61437807298 / Graeme Holm Bella vista / Negative
Most of todays property investors down-under are more or less all trapped in the same manner. They come under the influence of someone that they believe is an investment property expert. These so-called experts capture the dream of property investors in a number of ways. Usually they make telephone calls offering fantastic personal tax savings; they will usually also offer you a FREE In-Home Consultation with a wealth building consultant; sometimes they will place large colourful advertisements in large daily newspapers or monthly property magazines or they will hold seminars or conferences as they are also sometimes called. Infinity Group Bella Vista have tried all of these over the years.

They hold themselves out to be the all-round good guys, talking about how they love helping people create wealth in todays market. A lot of these so-called property experts will share 'success stories' with you and Infinity Group Bella Vista is no exception. They usually boast about other investors who have bought from them in the past and Graeme Holm the CEO of Infinity Group Bella Vista has even talked about one person who now owns several properties (i.e. 5) worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars and says that his client only has an income of $40,000 pa from his day job, but his properties they are worth into the millions. They making themselves out to be far richer than any of their investors with the number of investment properties owned. Infinity Group Bella Vista even makes a big deal about how they donate money to charities or set up programs for the under-privileged. And, year in and year out, thousands of people fall into the trap and buy their properties that are very over-priced (a profit of around $30,000 to $50,000 per property) and usually they will also offer a guaranteed rental return in order to off set a poor rental return. Oh, dont forget the property management rights that are usually also offered more commission for the sharks.

What the website doesn't mention is Infinity Group Bella Vista director Graeme Holm recent bad luck. He is being sued by the Roosters for renegging on a sponsorship deal - obviusly to get more money out of people. Hey by-the-way, dont let Infinity Group Bella Vista tell you they operate around Australia. Many people will live outside the area in which their investment is located and never know that they could have done a lot better with their investment. They may think a gross profit of $100,000 is good but they could have missed-out on a gross profit of $200,000 or more. Easily. Just remember that it takes almost no intelligence to buy property. Any fool can sign a contract on the day, especially when a property expert is telling them that "historically property is a wonderful investment". These property so-called experts have lots of great sounding clichs to encourage you to buy. They'll tell you that it's "time in the market" not "timing in the market" that's important and that the sooner you get in the better off you'll be.

Garbage; Timing is one of the most important factors when investing in real estate, but what's more important is the price you pay. Price is very important - as is the location. The golden rule (which you break at your dire peril) is to NOT take advice from an adviser who is selling you the property and GRAEME HOLM is one of these advisors. And it's astonishing how thousands of investors break this golden rule. Get independent advice (before you sign anything with Infinity Group Bella Vista, and do your homework first) and make it subject to finance also and if you want to make the best property investment possible, and then start off by also making one of the best pre-purchase investments - an independent valuation (dont let anyone tell you the bank will do it for you).

It'll be the best few hundred dollars you could ever spend. But whatever you do, beware of any or all of the big three signs of a sub prime investment. A big advertising campaign, a slick seminar at his lavish offices in Bella Vista or a 'personal consultation from this company'. There is no respect for anyone only the greediness of his company for your money. Now, tell me that you would like to deal with Infinity Group Bella Vista or Graeme Holmes The CONMAN
+61296291112 / Client.
Carly Mirza-Price & Susan Warda, racketeering Family Law for Mills Oakley Lawyers, prolonging excessive unnecessary litigation to profiteer from families, financially ruin people for selfish $$greed, godless F’n whores!
+61756197105 / Anonymous / Positive
Phone extension for Uber. When a driver is calling you, it goes through this number (or a similar line) so the drivers private number is hidden
+61427595964 / Peter / Negative
Late night text, Uber code. Unwanted.
Number says its from Launceston, never leaves a message yet calls me 2 times a day. Never met a Tasmanian in me life, so spoofed number for telemarketers maybe?
+61756363555 / Cookie / Positive
Thiz number is definately from port phillip prison from inmates
+61426448695 / Farib / Negative
This person tried to buy something I had on gumtree, he wanted to get the items without making the bank transfer, insisting only on paypal, offered him to meet in person.. and he/she didn't want.. also offered to meet a relative if he was in another city... but he/she didn't want! I tried to call him/her and did not answer.. asked over text his/her name and didn't say it.. he/she tried to use inverse psychology telling me I was trying to scam him! Be careful! Don't give any details to this person! Report it!
+61429933739 / karen / Positive
I received a text from this number saying my credit card had attempted to be used to the amount of over $6000. I called Westpac and the text was genuine. They cancelled my card for me and I will have a new one is a few days.
+61893432456 / Its a police charity / Negative
They ring all the fkn time. Annoying
+61399082243 / Andrea / Negative
Claimed to need to speak to someone about technical issues with our website. Indian accent. Suspect a scam. Hung up.