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+61409726199 / Gromit / Negative
Text says “Your Uber code: 7551”. Didn’t order an Uber. Have now blocked this number.
+611800687626 / N Mueller / Negative
Phone call taken at a clients house indian caller with the name Michael Williams saying he was from a company called BNC call blocker based in Melbourne at 12 noon on a Saturday gave this 1800 no to call as well as another no 731026015??? Didnt like me asking questions and got short with me
+61268908888 / Ex-Client.
Sydney's lying cheating douchebags of Family Law @ MO, CARLY MIRZA-PRICE & patriarch SUSAN WARDA, thieving scoundrel solicitors that Rort laws to profiteer at families demise! want prolonged litigation to bleed you dry, Godforsaken whores!
+61428121406 / SRB2U / Negative
William Hill online gambling text me but I have never had a account?
+61290521600 / Tina Bitcon / Negative
Have asked them several times not to call and they continue to call. Ask for personal information. Do not give it to them. I asked to speak to the Supervisor and a asked them not to call but they still continue. My Husband is just about to lose it at them is they continue. I am reporting them to the Police.
+61455926968 / Wilma
Get a life people. Just block the number and then there are no more calls!
+61394529853 / Anonymous / Negative
They keep ringing me, I assume from iSelect enquiry I made some time ago. I have blocked their number
+61298567079 / John
Epilepsy Australia
+61261885917 / Steve / Negative
They I never answered blocked the number
+61283185008 / Aj / Negative
Open colleges so far 10 calls