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+61730688624 / Tracy Marshall / Positive
I am pretty sure you are correct about RCI
+61756290330 / Rich / Negative
Abby from "Marriot Resort and Spa". Lier! This is Marriot Vacation Club time share con. I have now had six spam calls from these people.
+61395831242 / Garry
Number calls, hangs up when Answering Machine responds, no message left. Rang back and Optus advised that number incomplete or not connected.
+61730597417 / Unknown
Number calls me several times a day. I called them back and it’s an electricity provider spam call
+61399802304 / Paul H
Same as everyone else. Received a call from what this number which would seems to be a Mebourne (03) based number but when calling back the message is that the number has been disconnected. I suggest we all block it.
+61284178022 / Unknown
Constant unwanted calls regarding electricity.
+61284178022 / jack
constant phone calls to my wifes mobile
+61399802304 / Jess
This number called my at 6:20pm. I didn’t answer as I was having dinner. They didn’t leave a message. I called back and phone number was disconnected. Definite scam!!
+61399802304 / missed call-not connected
missed call, rang back... disconnected.
+61284178022 / Unknown
Numerous calls from 0284178022. Have answered once as I was expecting a legitimate call. The woman, Indian accent , was calling re my electricity account. I told her she was wasting her time as my husband deals with power bills . She said the account was in my name and started to read out the account number. I hung up at that point. Obviously looking to get banking account details confirmed. Have blocked number but I am sure they'll just continue to call from an alternate one.