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+61390812580 / Billy Bob / Negative
Belongs to Radio Rentals and they have been calling twice a day for a least 4 days all because I looked at renting a package from them on their website and added it to my cart but didn't finish the application as I got busy and had to go do stuff. THIRSTY AS!!!!
+61242321471 / Bankrupt client.
COLLABORATIVE FAMILY LAW/SUSAN WARDA FRAUDSTER PREACHER, deceitful corrupted profiteering litigator for $$greed$$. Practice what you preach you deceitful F’n ugly lying thieving solicitor, Hell is waiting for you!
+61899178176 / Milton and Graham
+61292216012 / Mr Cheated.
Odious insidiously deceitful SUSAN WARDA MILLS OAKLEY SOLICITOR, avaricious narcissistic family destroying fraudster of Family Law, don’t trust!
+61424200000 / Jamie
I answered then a reply..wrong number politely
+61427411849 / Bloke / Positive
This number is from Telstra Billing, nothing to worry about.

You usually get an SMS from this numbee after making a purchase from the Play Store via the Telstra Billing option.
The DCB association code is a reference, it's like your receipt.
+61291572706 / alyazen
каталог блогов дофолов:
+61416906330 / George / Positive
I was disconnected on a service call to TPG and got a courtesy SMS telling me they could not call back (no power) asking me to call back if required
+61466616095 / Mark / Negative
Hi:Your Mobile No is Selected as winner of £6,500,000 on BET365 Promo. Go to WWW.APR35.NET to claim. enter Ref: BET36519AU .
I'd be going with scam
+61291572706 / Raymondsleby
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