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+61407303471 / Lena / Negative
Man with heavy Indian accent calling from "Telstra" telling me hackers are using my account. Suspicious to me, so I hung up.
+61251043793 / User 1 / Negative
Today Indian man called from “google my business “
Wanted me to log in and do things with him on the phone and I said no and he became more aggressive,
But 2 weeks ago I had a call from same number claiming to want to do business but was very unconvincing
+61450814308 / Adam / Negative
Blank received answer
+61405157990 / Jeanett
They rang to me and they said they are from pest control and offering free pest insfection.they know my address and they are coming today
+61863716495 / Elisha
I think this might be a RSPCA pet insurance line calling me.
+61731446352 / Shania Smith / Negative
I picked up my phone and said hello but no one answered so I hung up.
+61439535996 / Jim / Negative
Text... Suss as written as it was directly from dhs but I suspected from the job agency.
+61370195300 / Bebe
Rang three times since May 22. Answered once - no one on the other end. Always late arvo-early evening. Have never seen another 'Melbourne number' begin with 7091. Have now blocked.
+61399579313 / Laura
Telemarkers asking for charitable donation
+61405146477 / Unknown
It’s an automated call saying to sign appropriate forms from court , for more information press one.