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+61438496958 / Trish / Negative
This number is spam, they send random bookings.I had a message saying someone elses name with you have a reminder for lashes booking.
+61478361103 / Kristina / Negative
Lion finance
+61245876044 / Ex-Client.
Collaborative Law SUSAN WARDA, Insidiously sly, cunning,deceitful greedy thieving fraudster solicitor, DON'T TRUST!
+61474380058 / anon / Negative
Time waster to all sex workers don't bother booking a job with him


he used to give a Kilmore address now it's an Epping address, Brigantia Street and the house number ranges from 1 to 7 his forms of proof of address don't add up at all and it's all old pics of money and when you catch him out he acts like it's your loss you were smart enough to not go through with the booking
+61488862173 / Sick of Scammers / Negative
This number is a Melbourne based scam. They send numerous tests and calls. They claim they are from 'YourPorter' a company that assists in moving and connecting utilities.
I'm being bombarded with scammers on my Optus prepaid SIM. I never experience this c**p with Vodafone or Telstra prepaid.
+61488872020 / Unknown
This number called Saturday afternoon - and did not leave a message.
+61402343854 / Fly net
This number is under review and is being monitored by qps intelgroup Australia.
+61431512714 / Doctor *********
message claimed they had a business for me, and they would like me to handle something for them...then stated am very email was provided.
+61414279795 / Anon
Scam don’t answer
+61344554021 / emmu
Answered the call no one speaks n hang up. Scammer..