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+61385186903 / Gina
Keeps calling me again and again, I never answer this call as I know he becomes threatening to hurt my family over the phone. Then he call from different numbers.
+61283116627 / Angel
Keeps calling me again and again, I never answer this call as I know she becomes threatening to hurt me over the phone. Then she call from different numbers.
+61406914808 / Jack
Scammer, trying to grab your credit card details.. report it to police if someone receive a call or message from this number
+61280058067 / Unknown
Indian scammers
+61499255697 / Greg
Highly abusive scammer when caught out
+61287458812 / Uknown / Negative
What else do you know about them? They came to my house to check electrisity and called me back to helped fill application form as a survey. I feel scary.
+61422664764 / Equine hoof care
Anyone know Jason’s last name
+61390285539 / Unknown
Do not answer and it's scam.
+61731854806 / Unknown
No answer, display the Australian number. If you don’t know the number, just don’t answer.
+61280061470 / Unknown
scam saying issues with bank card. don’t give details