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+61452478385 / Anon2
Anyone willing to say who this person is and how they managed to steal money...? Curious as to if anyone can give more information in regards to being able to describe them as in rough age, cultural background, any certain facial or distinctive features like tattoos, moles, glasses ect....??
+61408467612 / Anon2
Could anyone please possibly describe what this Terence Leung looks like - tattoos, certain facial fetters.? as this is a fairly common name from what I've discovered and am wanting to ensure the person I'm curious about is the correct one before going any further. Cheers
+61390024647 / Nina / Negative
Enjoying calls. It's just unbelivable how many calls are coming as spam calls!!! Just block them. I do but new ones are still calling.
+61448134266 / Anon / Negative
Annoying SPAM - have reported it to the ACMA - you can too!
+61467002238 / Marc
It is a scam... they apply many topic like: Cancer Council - last change - best gifts etc.
Aim is to call back - they have an arrangement with their Phone-carrier and get a couple of cents from every answered call. Clever......
+61421267502 / Daz / Negative
SMS message:
OPTUS MSG: We raised REF#18335604 for investigation of your issue. An Optus representative will get in contact with you in 1-2 days.

Do not have fault, and have no issue.
+61488828242 / AB / Negative
Spam. Called 4 times in two weeks, they hung up without saying anything after I answered the 1st, 2nd & 4th calls but a female with an Australian accent laughed and said ‘nope’ in a voicemail msg on 3rd call.
+61282806900 / Adam / Positive
I called back number (02) 8280 6900 spoke to a woman who said company name is BPC Lawyers.
+611800367368 / Steve / Negative
I had a very similar experience to the previous person. Never trust people cold calling your house. I called it while still talking to "Alex Smith" ID No. D768516 and the number is disconnected. When I explained this to her she finially gave up and said goodbye.
+61282520126 / Anonymous / Positive
I got a text message shortly after missing the call to tell me who is calling . Definitely a legit company.