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+61385829040 / Peter / Negative
14 calls over 9 days. Claims to be calling on behalf of Police Youth club.
Probably a scam. Contactef Club who oes not know of them
+61488828545 / Karen
I have had 5 x daily calls. Each time the last number has changed. Haven't bothered answering and there is never a message left- sure sign someone is trying to sell me something
+61354092602 / Chris / Negative
Called twice no answer. spam
+61478265651 / dee
It ks latitude finance constantly calling about loan offers
+61387518078 / annoyed / Negative
unauthorised caller from "options" when you request to be placed on their do not call list it says voicemail is full and hangs up
+61280037153 / Alex / Negative
Spent 15 minutes talking to the scammers. They disengaged from conversation when I requested my compensation to be in form of the golden nuggets..
+61280037153 / Kim / Negative
When this number rang my phone displayed 'Potential Fraud' so I didn't answer it. I too tried calling it back(from a different phone) and after one initial ring a recorded message said the number was not connected.
+61754094001 / Priska / Negative
This number has all the hallmarks of a scam or telemarketing. These unsolicited calls happen several times a day and never leave any messages. Just block it. You won't be missing out on anything.
+61280917303 / Scam / Negative
Calls repeatedly back to back. Doesn’t answer when calls are returned.
+61261851553 / Nike / Negative
This number keeps calling and then hangs up. It’s getting to the point I’m having to block all numbers