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+61393917038 / Chinghu / Negative
Man called from this number and made farting noises down the phone. What an idiot. Get a life
+61755805916 / simon / Negative
Red cross
+61402812119 / FK / Negative
phishing scam, delete any message from this number
+61861022555 / Anonymus / Negative
Said that he was contacting home owners about a Government incentive, this same person has called on different numbers...Scam caller
+61466314859 / Kat / Negative
Yeah Careflight rang me every couple of days.. its an automated dialler thing and when someone answers the operator then talks but sometimes the system gets it wrong and doesn't connect. I did a survey online also but did NOT give them my mobile phone number... "hows that work gmail??" Privacy ?? I asked them to remove me from their 'list' and blocked that number..
+61261266344 / ??? / Negative
Yep, called on a Saturday - sorry I missed the call really.

By CSA rules a parent has the right to stop them from calling and only communicate by mail - would have been fun to ask them why they were breaking the rules...
+611800049064 / Janine
Had a call from this no. tonight. They said I had a problem with Outlook. Got their no. and said I couldn't talk then- would phone later. Then looked up the no. and found these results and comments.
SMS: The Franchisee Survey emailed to you on 12 April is now OVERDUE. Please URGENTLY submit this by MONDAY to franchise [at] academyservices [dot] com [dot] au failure to do so may result in Admin charges applying
+61281992047 / Suzy / Negative
Jeremiah guy calling about some business he can't disclose. Dodgy and seems very much like a scam.
+61417555419 / Kaii Nugent
This is capfin, a company who lends out small loans.