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+61861460700 / Michelle / Negative
Employsure! Constant harassment and have asked repeatedly to stop calling.
+61399407747 / Lish / Negative
Calling at all hours, never leaves a message. Blocked the number
+61289125630 / zac / Negative
people called me so i woofed like a dog heaps so they got weirdos out and hung up but they called several times after and i answered and they said they were from a government organisation trying to do surveys so i spoke to the lady and she asked if i was in a car and i was like no .... then i hung up because that was weird, seconds after they called again so i blocked them.
+61488822648 / Blorp / Negative
Texted under the guise of a ‘missed call’ notification, even though my call history shows no missed calls. Nice try scum.
+61263109415 / Stevo
debt collection but wouldnt say who until i verify who i am but i dont tell anyone who i am until i know who im talking too so it becomes a stalemate
+61261005369 / Car / Negative
Spam. Block this number
+61421117593 / bob / Negative
Selling Health Insurance
+61402664739 / Aussie / Negative
+61240675149 / John / Negative
I got a call for 2 seconds then hangs up so I called the number but s answering machine comes on and says will call back
+61261851887 / Kath / Negative
Smart Health. Annoying as they call frequently, even with blocking the number. How do they get around it.