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+61391189310 / Unknown
Calls and hangs up when you say hello. Just another scammer
+61432986328 / Unknown
This is a scam number of a person pretending to be a recruiter based in Australia. It is actually an individual overseas and will ask you to click on investments links etc. Block and report the number if it contacts you.
+61401801022 / Arop chuol
Name: Lara Agon
+61242955859 / Lucas
+61401801022 / Deng bol
Hello. This number won't stop calling me and texting me random links and messages. This number is a scamming number.
+61397532708 / Unknown
it left me a recorded message asking me to press 1. very odd.
+61290617079 / Unknown
Lady with an Indian Accent. Said I needed to secure my NBN.
+61399894316 / Unknown
Had a miss call on this number, no voice mail
+61280743421 / Unknown
Scamers called many times stating they are eBay and my account has been hacked they tried to direct me to give them remote access of my phone to stop unauthorised payments going out of my account.
Scam call