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+61733332499 / Phishing, don't answer, block.
Similar to the poster above. On this particular time I picked up the phone call as i thought it was the customer service call i was waiting for. A young woman(of what i was guessed to have a Australian-Mediterranean accent) was on the other line and knew my name, asked to confirm if it was me but i did not answer and asked her who she was and what company she was calling from. She did not want to say as she said that it regarded a personal matter and if i knew (name of woman who i know who is actually on my Facebook contact list). This unfortunately had me talking to her a bit longer, she asked if i could send a message to this particular person and if she could send the message to me via text message, obviously i said No. This continued for a little while, she seemed to get a bit frustrated with me as i was not cooperating with her, shortly after she just hung up. I could hear in the background which appeared to sound like the noise of a call centre..
+61755122406 / Andrew / Negative
I had a call from this number (female voice) asking for a person who is unknown to me. Asking for the date of birth and address for confirmation. She wouldn't disclose the company she works for.
+61383761084 / River city Chris / Negative
Pest hearing aid company doing follow up after I discovered their mode of business. Free free free... Then $8 k hearing aid... Scam
+61240473992 / Mary / Positive
Can confirm this is legitimate
+61427777758 / Laura / Negative
Claiming to be v cat and wanting email address.
Looked up v cat reference number and doesn't exist
+61400456762 / Tess R / Negative
Spam request for payment - makes it sound like they have been trying to contact about a delayed payment due to COVID. Makes my blood boil when people try to use things like COVID to steal and scam!!!

+61386139354 / Just following the Privacy Act / Positive
This is AGL. I called the number back. They are asking to confirm details to comply with the Privacy Act. It sounds silly but they can't discuss your account information until they confirm the person that answered is the account holder. I worked in a call centre for years and this is a legal requirement before the account can be discussed. It is to protect your info, not steal it.
+61447238703 / Anonymous / Negative
Sent me an sms with very suspicious links. Be careful of what you receive and links you click
+61428250461 / Emily / Negative
Scam. Claim to be from a real estate agency and requesting private details
+61243024844 / Called back / Negative
Trying to get my personal details - scammer