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+61744484152 / Adam
This is an Uber-eats number redirect in townsville.
+61732140635 / Trevor / Negative
Regular daytime caller. I don't answer as I don't have or recognise the number - they never leave a msg.
+61295463193 / NATHAN.
SUSAN WARDA, Family Law criminal, corrupted Assyrian thieving gypsy hebrew!
+61280496150 / ndb / Negative
"They" called me at 6:30 am on Sunday morning. Did not respond...
+61889260909 / Nate / Negative
They said they were a survey company from SA. Just BLOCK them.
+61863331003 / Unknown / Negative
Keep calling won't leave a message
+61871113895 / Francesca / Negative
Unless you're continuously looking at your phone and waiting for it ring, there's no chance you could answer it after 2 rings. Who could? Maybe some person trying to meet the quota and simply write in their report "No Answer". How sad and bad.
+61280114964 / Mr & Mrs Crowson / Positive
OMG! We had the BEST time! I had my list of things I wanted to do and 6 days to do them in. Our Australia and Fiji trip was put together superbly and we had a BLAST! It was perfect.We spent the last two nights of our trip on the 34th floor of the ShangriLa Hotel looking out over Sydney's Harbour, the Opera House, and the Hanger! Our first morning - with all the drapes open - 180 degree view - SUNRISE was a gift from God! AWESOME! Inhale! , It was the BEST holiday ever all Thanks to Fantasy Tours International.
+61490127230 / Andrew norman / Negative
This guy I know. Scammer. Tries to get your credit card information. Jacob kadletz is his name. Fired from apple shop for sex acts caught on camera with clients computers. He now lives in Burnside Queensland.
+61240582756 / Chris / Negative
Answered call claimed to be Commonwealth Bank. Recorded Message and asked to push number. I contacted Commbank and they said it was fraudulent.