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+61432025529 / Stephen / Negative
Hi I submitted a positive thumb up in my review, which was an error, as previously mentioned in my review, keep well away from these guys, do not respond as you will be verbally abused.
+61432025529 / Stephen / Positive
Very helpful, my wife received similar requests from " 3 guys" from a town close to us. Block do not reply.
+61282160607 / Mac / Negative
0282160607 An abusive call from this number. I have now blocked it from my phone
+61733273384 / R6 / Negative
Called back left a message, don't know what company but will find out and knock on their door for some fun
+61402881686 / Marley / Negative
Says his name's Ivan is croaition agree with the top comment Perry's on sexy workers online and tries to Manipulate them into a relationship
+61474075753 / Chris / Negative
Definitely a scam. I received a txt msg from this number saying my internet banking account has been suspended due to unusual activity and to click on a link to fix problem, supposedly from NAB. Thing is I don't have, and have never had an account with NAB.
Beware !!
+61742411306 / Lynette Cubit / Negative
I answered a call from this number. It was an automated call stating it was from an Animal welfare league of some sort. They were asking for donations to help abandoned dogs and cats. Which was abviously un manned at all as When I said I was just walking 6 rescue dogs and did not feel I could help any further. It just kept repeating itself. Then asked how much I wanted to donate. This sort of thing does untold amounts of damage to genuine rescue.. pathetic they would scam using animals. Slime. Total slime who do this.
+61400738629 / Denny / Negative
I think it is scam. This is annoying group that takes your time only. They would talk forever without any clue. Also, they send strange sms with some suspicious links.
+61294882478 / Unknown
Not knowing the number, I let it go to answerphone, the caller immediately disconnected when male voice advised no one was available to take the call.
+61290300061 / Unknown
Don’t answer - telemarketing or a scam?