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+61481768119 / Dex / Negative
Sending scam SMS messages claims that you have won money.
+61394529502 / L Bryant / Negative
Didnt answer but lazt night i made enquiries through the iSelect website and have received two calls this morning already (from 2 different numbers). Thought it was supposed to be private information. Not impressed.
+61429033147 / John / Negative
I'm very suspicious of this message offering 10% discount from Good Guys because it was sent to my wireless internet number. Nobody should have this number so my guess is this is a phishing message. Also, being a Concierge member I am familiar with the offers and Good Guys do not use a // web page
+61423437865 / Claire / Negative
Left a message stating “you should have died”
+61423437865 / Edwin / Negative
Indian guy telling me that my windows software on my laptop is infected. I asked him if he also wants to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge, and he was like "what is the Brooklyn Bridge"? Haha. Good try.
+61356346741 / Unknown
Persistent scammer. Called 3 times in succession even after hanging up on them. Claimed from Global IT Department abut some problem with my computer. Wnated to remotely access my computer.
+61240427001 / Raul
Energy scammer with very bad Hindi accent.
+61240109994 / Amy
Has called 3 times today, cannot block it and just hangs up! so annoying.
+61240427001 / aussie13
Robo Dial call - Saturday 4:10pm. No one answers. Auto hang up after about 10 seconds. Probably telemarketing.
+61240427001 / Unknown
Energy scammer bull c**p. So sick of these imported tosses trying to call