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+61396124432 / rajeesh pk
I got a call from this number
+61871270501 / Topsy / Negative
received call from this number 2 nights in a row 24&25 June 2019 - Noone on end of call - nuisance call - Someone plse get rid of these people!!!
+61488828587 / Cat
Same as 2 others.
+61280060417 / Jude Wood / Negative
Didn't answer, no message left
+61447100266 / L / Negative
Random SMS: “Your hire verification code for Bunnings Collingwood is: xxxx”. Unsolicited message with 4-digit code. Likely scam.
+61447448512 / Jason / Positive
I want know more lol
+61417445588 / Ellen
Multiple missed calls, no msg left. Return call msg says number not available.
+61755128315 / Ann / Negative
This is not Wyndham sp
+61280773292 / Kevin
They annoyed me once.
Logged their call number as do not answer
Problem sorted.
+61488828581 / Luke
Greenpeace asking to fund their animal care programs