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+61390817799 / Anonymous
Marngoneet/Barwon prison
+61298105099 / Me / Negative
Scammers Claiming that they're the CBA
+61361445108 / Chris / Positive
This is Uber calling when a driver arrives and is looking for you
+61477880127 / John / Negative
Received this phishing sms. Looked on NAB website > Dec 2019 phishing email and saw the message. So I screenshot the SMS and emailed to NAB
+61488842438 / Food lover
It is a fast food delivery driver mobile number.
+61285988632 / Bree
Compare the market
+61406288336 / Alex scammer rapist dog / Negative
This guy is a pathetic junkie who smokes ice and swindells young ladies into a vulnerable position where he rapes them he's wanted by Victoria police and also wanted by a local motorcycle club for f****** with working girls. He claims to be Serbian and will try to threaten you with empty threats his friends are skinny junkee scumbags and we can only hope the boys catch him before the police do.
+61383367730 / Tarahh
It's modern blinds ringing from a FB comp. They don't quit ringing!!
+61436192843 / LornaMivz
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+61436192843 / AlfredMiva
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