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+61419473600 / Mojo / Positive
texts from this number r from department of employment to remind of appointments and jobs etc
+61289170029 / Robyn
im so sick and tired of this number ringing me I've blocked so many times not funny if it keeps going im reporting
+61352940137 / Donna
The same as above telling me that my account would be debited $299.99 if I didn't phone them back.
I was called by this number upon my online application for car insurance by Budget direct.
+61291238999 / Liz / Positive
Tresillian. Not spam.
+61280586900 / Sue / Positive
This is Sony. Call centre, all good
+61862251292 / Drew / Negative
Suspect a scam caller - could hear call centre chatter in the background - offering share trading information/education. They said I had requested more information from 'somewhere' - Not true. They were persistent, but I kept telling them I am not interested and I finally told them I was going and hung up.
+61472880367 / Kanomie / Negative
I stupidly fell for a scam from this number saying my bank account had been locked and to follow link,stupidly i did and filled in my details $800 was stolen from my bank account
+61412819548 / V / Negative
Could be a scam.
+61417683046 / Anthony / Negative
Trying to appear as an authentic message from Apple but is fraudulent. It is a standard Australian number to a (most likely fake) American Apple site.
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