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+61458729725 / north / Negative
SPAM MESSAGE = Paypal: Due to Australian regulation, you cannot use or withdraw funds until your identity is verified. Log into your Paypal account on desktop and action urgenly.
+61354857909 / Kas / Negative
Scam from Bendigo Bank, name also random over couple of calls. They forgot the name they used in the first call i think.
+61436597004 / Gab
After NBN was installed I received a message from 61436597004 to offer me an alternative connection to NBN. I declined the offer even I would had liked to know what connection was offered.
+61436192843 / domospam
+611800491594 / Pasquale / Negative
DO NOT CALL these people They are Frauds
ask for your credit card details and then take your money.
The whole community should get together to stop them
INCLUDING Pay Pal they should get onto these people
+61422371937 / Anonymous / Negative
Name is spelt Alex Novitzky usually know as Novitsky, books jobs as Alex Novisky also. Mobile is 0422 371 937. Will not pay for your services, hangs up on calls when contacted for payment. Attended a job for elderly couple Kooyong rd Caulfield and said he was too busy to pay when contacted and was not on site when works complete. Under $500 outstanding
+61411348575 / Anonymous / Negative
Daniel R Falzon
Scams you via gumtree
Blocks you when you contact him
Deletes your posts
Gutless fraudster
3 Voltaire court Hoppers Crossing Vic
Vic Reg AKX 776
+61434129550 / Anonymous / Negative
Claimed to be someone from a Government office in regards to Super and how he could help get the most and wanted all my details...RED FLAG... I played along and and asked he send all details to my work address so that I could do my research and still waiting.
+61439603528 / Elle / Positive
Ive also received texts from different services to this number - one for a covid related test message, second from a delivery service from Bunnings. Both legit though, must be part of a paid sms service businesses use
+61283646000 / AMP
I returned a call from (02) 8364 6000 but reached vm for AMP