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+61356294376 / Debbie / Negative
Didn’t answer call but rang number back and it’s not connected.
+61291572706 / Kevinsog
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+61387500201 / Pete
This +61387500201 has been been calling me all the time but my smart phone says it's potential fraud so I ignored it.... I think it's good to ignore it.....scammers go to hell
+61289125630 / Kay / Negative
Their voicemail (when you call back) say it is Engen Engine?? Marketing and if you don't want a return call to leave the number you don't want called. Hopefully it will work. Fingers crossed.
+61353127602 / Katie / Negative
Keeps ringing no message
+61391336594 / Daniel Curry
Missed a call from this number, when I returned the call I instantly heard a recording saying "this mobile service is currently unavailable or unable to receive calls." Call was terminated at end of recording. --- That's IT !? No further info online that I could find about it.
+61293240169 / Liz
Same as above, Dan Murphys answerphone when called back, guessing it's sales dept
+61284593891 / Tracey
This number is I Select Pet Insurance. Ring constantly if you do an online calculation in regard to pet insurance.
+61434479692 / Returned missed call
Went to voicemail which was an automated message box that read out the mailbox number but no reference to a name or company.