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+61897465711 / Melwier / Negative
Tried to sell me financial education products. The caller knew my name.
+61428244444 / Susan Wood / Negative
I got a text about a delivery from Apple. Since I had ordered a present for my granddaughter the previous week, I opened it and clicked on the box for Apple ID. I did not put in my Apple ID or password, however, at the same time, my friend who I'd been texting previously, just before this text, got 13 messages in rapid succession. They seemed to be from my iphone but weren't sent from it.

Now I'm not sure if my iphone or Messages app has been corrupted in some way.

Luckily, I didn't put in any account details.
+61432804273 / Debbie / Negative
Called this number back twice & got no answer as if they hung up on me. Rang at 8:30pm.
+61421845600 / Mac / Negative
Told me exactly same thing" I need help"
+61283075441 / GM / Negative
Dont answer it
+61421268773 / Sam / Positive
Legitimate message confirming nbn appointment
+61280201240 / Anonomous
I don't know whoe's number this is... but it calls me a few times a month, and my phone classifies it as suspected spam, so i really don't know what to think about it.
+61283075441 / R / Negative
They keep calling me and not saying anything
+61439584805 / Tim / Negative
Got message from this number stating medical bills overdue and referred to phishing (bogus) website. Definite scam.
+61283075405 / samdav7 / Negative
My phone rang (phone call tone) and displayed the caller's name: POTENTIAL FRAUD
I didn't pickup