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+61423246937 / JS / Negative
"dear.....your delivery has been stopped at our depot today. #.......... Please resolve issue here (gives link)
+61733263191 / Janine / Positive
Call was from St Vincents Hospital Chermside to confirm my surgery
+61411348575 / Anonymous / Negative
This guys real name is Daniel R Falzon mob number 0411348575 Lives with his junkie father at 3 Voltaire Crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria drives blue 2012 Subaru sedan AKX 776 serial scam artist finds victims on gumtree advertises WTB Car parts He contacts his victims They transfer money then the scumbag does a runner
+61253002296 / Anonymous / Positive
The number is from a ISP company called HarbourISP.
+61401075907 / Sandra / Negative
Dear ...., Ur delivery has been stopped at our depot today. #CS279003594DE. Please resolve the issue here:
When you click the link, it takes you to a page which looks like it will lead you down a rabbit hole. None of the links on the page work... like contact, home, or questions. Definitely A scam!
+61735131000 / Ralph Malph
Repeatedly ringing me. Never leaves message.
+61745578900 / Jb / Negative
+61422811357 / Damien / Negative
Link to a fake competition. You are the winner.
f*ck off
I picked up the phone. Automated voicecall claiming to be from Amazon. I knew it was a scam instantly and hung up immediately as I haven't bought anything from Amazon in years.