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+61383634924 / F Scholten / Negative
Called me several times, I sent message back, asking who are you, what’s it about. No answer. Scammer/ salesman
+611800948128 / Doug / Negative
Watching video on Facebook Screen locked up claimed to be Windows defender Ring this number. They wanted bank details and said I would get a REFUND because the Windows Software was faulty. Wanted Phone Number and me to send a email with other details to some odd email address.
Missed call. Called back 1 min later. Phone is switched off. Literally every scam out there operates in this manner.
+61412555094 / Unknown
Contacts via WhatsApp and sends a dodgy link to AusPost’s “safe deal” which doesn’t exist
+61426298279 / Unknown
Telemarketer from "superannuation income life check" or similar
+61426794961 / Unknown
claimed to be my internet service provider suspect it was a scam
+61407709201 / I hate scammers
Pretending to be DHL scam text
+61756200232 / Unknown
This number called me and it is bit Coin
+61499880857 / Unknown
Scam scam scam
Fake text about a parcel not collected