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+61861025268 / Anonymous
I was unfortunate to miss a call from this number, they have left a messags in regards to an arrest warrant that would be issued against me. About done with these callers would definitely recieve an earful from me next time.
+61436192843 / GladysMiqg
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+61436192843 / SaraMimg
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+61488850910 / hello / Negative
Online assignment company. DONT PICK UP they are fraud
+61436192843 / IanMiaq
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+61438213737 / Amy / Negative
Spammer interested in stealing personal data so they can sell your information to advertisers and scammers
+61410857975 / Lebanese man / Negative
Received ongoing harassment text from this number, Silly man! My number is tapped to the cops and We know who you are! Isn’t it creepy and scary to know your neighbours have mental bipolar issues! I’ll let the police deal with you.
+61436192843 / MatthewMiys
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+61295521911 / lorraine J.
Susan Warda solicitor, insidiously deceitful with titanic excessive costs, life destroying monster of family law! don't trust this liar!
+61436192843 / FrancisMitp
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