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+61272019645 / Jay Tag / Negative
Male and female caller pretending to be from the ATO. Asking personal questions and wanting information about our finances. ID theft.
+61413300650 / Sam G / Negative
Bitcoin scammer
Harassing me every day for money by using different Sim card mobile numbers. This is fraud.
+61731446386 / David tua
What do you want
+61862284164 / Greg / Negative
Once again the federal government are so lazy that they do not stop these evil people. They are quite happy to prosecute people on welfare and give away our money to their mates but when you ask them to stop this abuse they say they can't. Pathetic.
+61414928644 / Ray / Positive
Still stroking a week later over my visit with candy
+61421372971 / Liz taylor / Negative
They called me a couple of times and said that I have won a prize
+61421372971 / Liz taylor / Negative
They said that called me twice but I didn't answer and that I have won a prize. I know it's not true.
+61401755861 / Chris / Positive
This is the mobile number for one stop car and finance
+61401755861 / Chris
This is the mobile number for one stop car and finance
+61392542219 / I might be old but I am not dumb
Received an automated call from this number claiming to be Telstra. I don't talk to machines so I hung up and blocked the number